Thursday, June 16, 2016

Introduction (to destruction)

Hi! My name is Ilaria and this is my blog.
That last fact was probably obvious, but I wanna make everything clear.

Anyway I’m going to write a few things about myself:

💀 I’m a band trash. I love music with every fiber of my body. I play the guitar.
I listen mainly to metal/alternative music (it’s impossible to name all the subgenres, damn!).

💀 I’m 17 and from Italy, but I’m not the average Italian (if there’s one). All the stereotypes you are figuring in your mind right now… well, delate them.

💀 I love horror/splatter/thriller films.

💀 I’m what can be considered an “alternative girl”. No, not fancy scene hair, but weird clothes, a lot of band t-shirts and a weird and open mindset (that pisses people off most of the time).

💀 I’d like to end this presentation saying that I love art, any kind of art from paintings to tattoos.
I’d like to define myself as an artist but I’ll be too pretentious. Let’s say I really enjoy being creative.

What I’ll be posting:
- Art
- DIYs
- Horror / books review
- Music
- Any shit will pass (even just for a second) in my crazy mind.

Alright. I’m done for now.
Feel free to comment but don’t be stupid, please. That is one of my pet peeve. NEW FACT ABOUT ME.


P.S.: for those who are wondering: yes, the title is a song by Sum41. I’ve warned you: I’m a band trash.

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