Friday, July 29, 2016


After different weird thoughts and thinking I’ve been doing in the past days, I have figured out that we think in a “standard” way. At least the majority of us do it, even unconsciously.

This way of thinking to me is weird, because the things considered “standard” and “normal” are for the major part OVERRATED nowadays.
For example sexuality and what you’re supposed to like, what music you should listen to, how you should dress, what you should study and eventually what career you are going to pursue.

It’s not true that if you’re gay everyone will mock you for your entire life.
It’s not true that if you’re tattooed you’ll never find a job.
It’s not true that if you like metal music you are a murderer or a bad person.
It’s not true that if you love art you won’t make a living out of that.

Obviously all the life-choices listed above require a strong will to keep being yourself and not caring of other people opinions. And this is an important requirement because there’s still a “stigma” around the topics written above.

An in 21st Century this is just bullshit to me.


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