Friday, July 8, 2016


It’s been really a long time since I posted something. But before I explain why I didn’t post  I’d like to tell you about a really upsetting event that happened yesterday: I felt the will to study.
Yeah, pretty upsetting isn’t it? You would have never expected something like this, me neither. But it was weird. I opened my Italian literature book and I started reading, and I liked it!

So, at midnight, I closed the book and started thinking: why do the same things I do at school interest me more when I’m far away from school?
I came to the conclusion that is the “spirit” of school that kills (literally) my will to study.
The anxiety of tests, the constant worry about the deadlines, homeworks and anxiety, anxiety, ANXIETY.

I think this is the problem: we are always worried for what other people expect us to do. Obviously in our life there are deadlines and rules that have to be respected, even if the majority of them are just trivial and useless. Ok, I went for a tangent.
The point is that we are more worried about what we SHOULD do than what we WANT to do.
Here it is: I WANTED to study and read and I liked it! So we should (and I say it more to myself than to you) WANTING to do something rather than HAVING to do something for someone else.

What does it have to do with my blog? Well guys, this should also be a pointless post as far as I’m concerned. But it is really not my style.
This post makes me think about my lack of posting lately: I didn’t know what other people wanted me to write here. But again, if I think about it: I am the one who decides here and I don’t have to restrain myself from writing something rather than something else.

I don’t want to give this blog a neat cut. I should write whatever I feel confident to write. I want to leave me all the options opened and not just focus on one particular topic since in my everyday-life I’m not interested in a single topic either!

Ok, I’m done with the rant.

Ona  positive note the sky was really beautiful this evening.

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