Thursday, August 11, 2016


Now that I've grown up a bit, I think that most of my insecurities were caused by the feeling of not belonging somewhere.

The first issue was with my “style”.

Since I was born I was raised as an independent/alternative kid. I've been thought that being "different" doesn't always equal to "bad". So, when I grew up a little bit more I started building my own wardrobe which meant owning mainly black clothes & band t shirts. On the other hand I also liked bright colors and weird patterned clothes. I still have those pieces in my closet  but at the time I couldn't define myself as either "goth" or "punk" and this was the main problem: I couldn’t define myself in ANY POSSIBLE WAY ! This sense of "not belonging" led me to feel uncomfortable with myself.
NOW I think I don't need to sport any particular type of clothes or style, I can be whoever I want whenever I want without the need to necessary be able to define myself since I’m much more than just my clothes.

I hope this post wasn't completely pointless. it is definitely not for me because I'm taking records of my progress in the weird game called LIFE.

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