Thursday, August 18, 2016

The new generation

Hopefully this is not going to be the same “the new generation sucks” post. Also because I’m not here to throw shit on people. But it seems that a lot of young-people have lost interest in the world.

It’s sad to see that there aren’t so many young people inspired by anything anymore.
They seem to hear but they do not listen, they do not pay attention, they watch but don’t see.
I know, I’m one of them, always ready to google the answer to your question if I don’t know what you’re talking about and always updated via e-mail to the last thing my favorite band did.
I’m not putting myself on a pedestal and pointing my finger towards everybody just to feel better.
I’m just discussing something that worries me.

I constantly feel an outsider because I care too much about what I love. I can be so passionate I can turn into a machine!
For example I could be painting for 10 hours straight if I enjoyed the subject I’m painting. You could find me at 3 am playing the guitar and composing some music if I cannot sleep and I feel the urge to play. I could grab information about all the projects my favorite actor or band has done just to keep myself informed about everything I could (possibly) enjoy in the future. I could talk for hours about a book or a film I enjoyed. I could watch the clouds for hours and find peace in the process. Now turn all those “could” in “can”, because I’ve actually found myself in those situations in the past.

Probably this is just my lifestyle: finding beauty and enjoyment in everything that interests me. Or maybe I’m just a high functioning weirdo. One does not exclude the other.

People (particularly the young ones) do not question what they are doing or how they are spending their lives, what they do believe in, what they want to become, what makes them feel better.
Most of us (teenagers) seem to be paralyzed, asleep, hypnotized by the sound of nothingness that surrounds us. In a world where it’s better to show off how “cool we look” rather than achieving something priceless such as a purpose or a dream.

Think about this: for our government leaders it’s easier to rule upon a country where people don’t question anything than a country where every mind is active and thinks in different ways.
Ok, that was just a political fact thrown there, to shake you off a bit.

Anyway, my main concern is “where are we going?”
I don’t really want to lose hope in my generation but… come on, do every teenager listen to that music?? I really wish not!!

I’d like to finish off with this:
- If you’re a teenager please, think about who you REALLY are. If you are not the type of person that makes long-term plans it’s fine, you are not in a rush and you don’t have to run. Your life it’s like a road: if you do not pay attention and run too fast you are going to trip over. The important thing to get back up is to understand who you are IN THIS MOMENT and be the best you can possibly be.

- If you’re not a teenager anymore and you look at us (teenagers) with that weird eyebrow as a sign of disapproval, please don’t. Try to teach us what you’ve learnt through life. We can’t promise you we won’t make your same mistakes, but we’ll try to do the best we can.

At the end of this “rant” you may think I’m wise.

No, I’m not. I have figured out some things and I just wrote them down.

collage made by me
I don't own the SINGLE PICS
only the collage itself

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