Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Useless Art

Today was a normal day, pretty usual, until I heard something on TV that really worried me: one of Banksy's most famous art pieces (“Spy booth”) had been taken down during a house reparation in Cheltenham.

I'm not blaming anyone in particular for the accident, because it is said it was an accident. If that was an intentional act indeed… well, it would be really horrible.

For years in the past, street artists have been blamed for their acts of deliberately "ruining the cities" with their "useless doodles" on the walls. But first let me explain what I mean with "street artists": the ones who have a purpose, that actually make art out of their imagination and respecting the environment they are working with.

Well, if street art was really this "useless act of vandalism" why would people be so worried about the social impact of these illegal acts? Because I bet it’s not just a matter of preserving the walls of the cities from being contaminated with colors and paintings. Probably it's because art is one of the most easily comprehensible form of expressions, common to every human being on earth. 

An artist can convey his/her opinion on a specific topic just with a drawing. Then, that artwork, is left for the audience to appreciate it, discuss it or disliked it, is also left to the place it was meant to be: the street.

I think this is what Banksy has tried to do throughout the years: let us know that there is another way, an unconventional way, of thinking.

Getting back to the main topic of this post: what if on the wall of that house was painted something like the La Gioconda or some other "museum must-have"?

Look around, art is not just in museums.
Art is around us.

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