Thursday, November 10, 2016

"So I'll start a revolution from my bed"

I hate that people feel unconfortable because of the way they are.
I hate those people who always feel the right of mocking other people because they are different.
I hate that people define "different" all the things they don't know or are afraid of.
I hate those stupid rolled up pants.
I hate the stupid-meaningless "music" that is so "cool" right now.
I hate young people who have no opinions or passion.
I hate people who follow the trends just because they want to be like everybody else.
I hate those homophobic, racist and sexist people that have still a say in world's issues (and are governing us)

I hate all those things but deep inside myself I'm a hopeless hopeful.
I cannot but hope for a better future, making anything I can to build my future and your future.
I hope for a better future because otherwise there won't be a reason to keep on living.

So if today is shit it doesn't necessary mean that tomorrow will be too.
Wake up, do something to make today better, go to bad happy, wait for what tomorrow will bring you.
But still be here, live here, right now.

I don't believe I'm the only weird, crazy, idiot in the world who talks weird and things weird, "out of the schemes" as people say.
We can prove all those bastards who don't believe in us that we can make it and twice better than them.

So if you are like me: welcome abroad in this mad mad world.

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