Friday, December 23, 2016

A new school

Recently I’ve been  thinking about school.
I’m almost done, after 5 years in high school. I really can’t wait to go to university and study something I really like and building step by step my future.
But first, let me talk a little bit about the school system in Italy. I won’t bother you too much, promised.

So, for what concerns high schools, every student must attend it for at least three years.
As soon as you are 16 you can leave school, but not one university will ever accept you in, since you need to do one big exam during the last year of high school to join one.
You get to do the exam  after 5 years of high school.
High schools are divided into “categories”: scientific schools (based on science, physics, math etc.), classical schools (based on greek,  latin, italian and philosophy), linguistic schools, art schools. Ok, you got the idea.
So there isn’t the possibility of changing and choosing the subjects. Once you join a school, you must attend all the lessons they give you. The subjects are, more or less, 10/11 for each school.
We attend school from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 1 pm.
And now you’ll probably think “Only 5 hours at school??”. Yep… plus the other 5 hours (at least) at home studying every evening.
Sports and artistic subjects are almost entirely excluded from the schools’ schedules, unless you attend a specific school for those.

Now let me get to the rant.
I think that the first absurd thing is that we cannot choose the subjects we want to study. We are asked, at the age of 14, to pick a school which we’ll have to attend for the next  5 years.
What the hell does a 14 years old know about what he/she is going to do in the future??
Look at me. I attend a scientific school in my city, but I found a deep passion for art two years ago, and now I’m spending all my time and efforts into a school that doesn’t appeal to me at all anymore.

The next absurd thing is that we, Italians, are the only people who have to attend high school for 5-damn-years. When all over the world, people go to university one year before us.

Not to mention all the stress and competition, sick competition, that inevitably leads to anger, frustration and hate. Towards other students and teachers.

Nobody in MY country seems to realize that solutions may be found for all these problems.
Italy is a country lead by old people, working to make their lives better. They invest all their time on planning how to let these same old people rule the country, while kids like me, who cannot even vote yet, stay there, watching everything falling apart.

I’m not the first one talking about these issues, but apparently the majority of teenagers seem to be ok with all of this. They seem to have lost faith in the future. No one has dreams anymore, nor passions.
It’s horrible staying here, watching all this happening and being told that I’m just a kid, wanting to change everything but without the power to make it.

Hopefully, somebody will, sooner or later, understand how overrated is our school system.

And hopefully somebody, will change it.

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