Monday, December 26, 2016


It’s funny how many things in life, us, humans, cannot understand completely.
Above all there’s Love.

We say “I love you” to a lot of people and a lot of times during our lives, but how many times do we really mean that.
I found it really weird when I first started learning English that when you want to say that you really like somebody and you care for them you say “I love you” as well as when you mean that you really care for a person so much you’d die for them. There is a huge difference that, to me, it’s not fully expressed by those three words.
In Italian we use different expressions which divide the “level” of love or, if you will, interest you have for that person.

Saying “I love you” is definitely something amazing. Love is not a feeling everybody will be able to feel through his life. This is why these three words have now become meaningless to me half of the times they are pronounced.
You can feel affection, you feel a connection, you feel interest but love it’s rare.

Maybe it’s just me, taking things too seriously.

Yes, maybe it’s just me. Again a lonely monster between common sense and madness. The line is thin.

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