Friday, February 3, 2017

SPLIT film


Last night I went to the cinema to watch Split, the new film with James McAvoy directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan.
I already knew, since I watched the trailer at home, that it would have been really cool.
The story revolves around this man, Kevin, who has DID and he has 23 different personalities. Kevin, taken over by one of his personalities at a time, kidnaps three girls and keeps them in a room.
The story is developed on his psychology and the reasons why he is doing this.

I really liked how the plot has been developed. At the beginning you can see the different personalities switching one by one thanks to the costumes that McAvoy changes. But as soon as the story dives deeper into the psychology of the main character I was really able to understand which personality was taking place in any moment.
The most extraordinary part was when Barry (one of the personalities) is talking to his psychiatrist who is starting to doubt whether the person she’s talking to is really Barry. And even if the character claims to be him there is this moment, this glimpse, where he raises an eyebrow (one of Dennis ’ typical “gesture patterns”) and you understand that it’s Dennis pretending to be Barry.
Sounds crazy? Believe me, it is!
It’s also crazy how James McAvoy managed to play all those characters in one film. I mean, I thought he was a great actor but … damn he is a genius! I really loved his performance and he definitely added that touch of madness to the suspense vibe of the film.

I’d like to spend some moments to discuss about the controversy of this film.
I heard that a lot of people were offended by the movie because they perceived it as another film that shows how malevolent and dangerous are people with DID. Which is a stupid taboo in our society because disorders like this are common!
But again, just because one story of one individual with a certain disorder shows bad behaviors it doesn’t mean that all of the people with that disorder are dangerous or potential killers!
These are all stereotypes that people hold on to because they are afraid. So for many people it’s easier to be afraid of something they don’t know anything about rather than their own son or their neighbor.
I think it would be appropriate to make research and educate people on these topics.

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