Friday, April 7, 2017


A black pack arrived in my mail some days ago, and today I was happy to find another one too. They were my last purchases from the awesome Anastasia.
I’ve published a post about her awesome eye t-shirt here but since then I bought some other stuff that I’ll shortly review in this post.

Firstly the pins.
Each pin was sold separately and packed in a small plastic bag, as shown in picture (this last sentence sounds like my old science book.. anyway..) apart from the eyes pins that are sold as a complete set all together.

Each packaging comes with a little note from the artist which always bring a smile on my awkward face. These last packs had also a really cute picture of Ana portrayed while drawing.
This makes me think of how cool it is to support “small” businesses and artists. They put their heart and energies in every single project they launch and we, the clients, the fans or whatever you prefer being called, buy something that we know for a fact is unique and comes from the artist’s creativity not some big-company-brainstorming.
I feel special every time I wear something uncommon or unseen before, the same applies for other object/print/pin I buy from these artists.

Ok back to the topic.
How have I used those pins? They are now happily making my boring backpack special.


My other recent purchase has been the colouring book.
On the 25th March Ana did a live video of facebook where she showed us the book and actually coloured some pages. It had been a while since I wanted to but one and again that was the perfect occasion, so I did. I can’t wait to mess up all those intriguing lines and drawings, all on recycled paper of course!
The book arrived with a magic pencil (or at least this is how I used to call it when I was a kid) with four colours in it.

As always I’ll leave here all the information to follow Ana on the big web.

note: the candles where NOT included in the packaging... just to make things clear.

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