Monday, April 3, 2017


Do I need to wait till Thanksgiving to start enumerating the things I’m thankful for? Which, by the way, it’s not even a thing that we are used to do in Italy. I mean Thanksgiving day, not actually being thankful.
Again I went off the tangent.

My point for today’s purposeless blog post takes inspiration from something really weird (but extremely interesting) that happened to me some days ago.
I don’t remember why I was looking at some art pictures on the web but I suddenly felt this warm, calming and relaxing feeling inside my heart (or my brain maybe, it depends on how romantic you are).
I was finding comfort only by looking at those pictures, from my phone screen. The weird-factor in all this story is that I was aware of that extreme calm that was growing within myself. It felt like if I was detached from myself for just the necessary amount of time to be aware of my happiness.

Most of the times we are so eager to “enjoy the moment” that we actually forget about the moment itself. While I was, instead, being a part of that moment. This may sound weird but to me that moment was precious.
This feeling occurs also when I look at some old pictures or when I take a walk and look at the sky. The awareness of being such a small point in this beautiful beautiful world makes me happy.

Before I get too cheesy I’d like to take a moment to let you know that you are probably doing well in the game of life because if you are reading this it means that you are alive and that’s a big achievement itself nowadays.

Ok, old aunt Ila says goodbye to you, fellow human.
Go out and spread the weirdness among other humans.

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