Monday, June 26, 2017


I don’t understand why people want to know Banksy’s real identity.
Lately there’s been a big fuss caused by Goldie, an English dj, who apparently has revealed Banksy’s real name.
Maybe it’s true maybe it’s not, but the point is, why do people need to know it?

One of Banksy’s virtue is that anybody could be him…or her.. or they. And by anybody I mean a homeless person as well as a super famous rock star or an unknown lawyer. Anyone.
Art doesn’t need to be made by somebody in particular, somebody with a renowned name, to be appreciated. Anybody could make a great piece of art.
So this is why Banksy’s anonymity should remain so. Those who truly believe that anyone can be an artist and art is not just in fancy museums should support what Banksy has done throughout the years of his activity and is still doing.

Banksy’s has challenged politicians around the world as well as citizens with his art and his performances. It’s not vandalism, it is an act of protest, is an act of resistance, an act of freedom of expression despite how badly those fancy dressed-men and women who govern us want to shut us up.
Not everybody has the courage and the chance to speak and stand up for what they believe in by making art, so when we encounter somebody who does, we should be respectful.

Banksy’s art means freedom. So please, leave Banksy to his business and find a new hobby… maybe start making art!

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