Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fight Back

Last week in Hamburg (Germany) there has been this big posh reunion of many posh politicians from around the world called G20 for those who don’t know. While they were all handshaking and smiling there were a lot of people in Hamburg protesting against different topics: lack of proper terrorism security measures, minimal lgbtq+ rights, Trump existence, denial of climate change, the twisted mechanics of capitalism to name a few.

I don’t really want to talk about how Putin was dressed, but instead  I’d like to draw attention to how powerful a general protest could be. Despite those who go to these manifestations just to cause damage or throw stuff at people, there’s still a consistent part of the population who don’t accept unconditionally what politicians say. Just because they are dressed fancy doesn’t mean they are right!

Throughout my short existence I’ve witnessed many dorks having the privilege of sitting at the highest position of the political machine, like Berlusconi or Trump, to name a few. And while I’m getting older I sometimes think of how we could save ourselves from bad choices made in the past and preventing some other bad choices in the future. I don’t believe anymore in a single glorified person who could save the world, but I firmly believe in the power of people.

Imagine if we all set up a protest all around the world, not necessary armed, cause we would outnumber politicians of all sorts anyway!

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