Wednesday, August 2, 2017

End of school

I wrote this on my last day of school ever. Excuse the excitment and cynism but I feel like sharing it anyway just as a reminder for future frustrated students like me that they are not alone.

Probably I’ve talked about this way too much, but in Italy high school can be completed after 5 years. It’s such an abominable thing cause you end up being 18 or worse 19 and still being in school.
I luckily was born in December so overall I haven’t wasted the majority of my sweet 18th year of life, but still: school sucks.
Adding my weird productivity during the night hours and physical repulsion to study during the sunny hours, it has been at times quite horrible.
Oh I was forgetting the teachers, unable to do their job (for the majority of them). I must say though I’m so glad I met some awesome teachers as my philosophy one, or as my science teacher and the Italian one, they have been a blessing, but 3 decent and HUMAN teachers out of 11 .. it’s quite discouraging.

Today I did my oral exam which is my last exam in school FOREVER. We’ve done an Italian one, a math one and the dreadful “terza prova” which is a combination of 4 random subjects with 3 or 2 questions each for a total of 10 questions to answer in 3 hours with 10 lines each.  If you didn’t understand it don’t worry, I don’t either.

I can finally (and proudly) say that I am now done with school. I can now paint, draw, go out for a walk, take pictures, shoot films, listen to music, watch films at any hours of the day/night/LIFE.

All this fairy-dreamy mood will probably  fade out soon, but for now, let me have my moment of self-realization. My epiphany, as James Joyce would say. Call it however it pleases you, but to me, it tastes a lot like freedom.

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