Saturday, April 22, 2017


March 26th was a day dedicated to the main museums and artistic sites in my city and surrounding.
That’s why I decided to get back to the dismissed disco ”Woodpecker” in Milano Marittima, near Ravenna.

It formerly was a disco built in 1966 by Filippo Monti, the architect that planned the building and dispositions. It was a revolutionary building at the time, divided in different pools filled with water, and a big dome covered the dance floor.
Unluckily the disco was closed in 1975 after a big fire destroyed some parts of the building.

Now it is an abandoned place. I explored it two years ago and took some crappy pictures of the amazing graffiti inside the dome, done by the great Italian street artist Blu.
I got back some weeks ago and took some better pictures.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trip to Bosnia - I have something to say

It seemed like a so far away place. 13 hours by Pullman are very much actually. But geographically, if I think about it, it’s a stone’s throw from the sweet and innocent Italy. So close to us that I can still hear the screams of the sentenced to death echo, those who didn’t die immediately so they begged the soldier to shoot them again.
These screams have always been here, since the late 90s they wander in the wind and bounce between the Adriatic shores. But honestly I’ve never heard of them. Maybe I confused them for some seagull complaint.

But once you see, or better, you hear those atrocities, you can’t close your eyes and plug your ears. The silence that scratches the ears, the silence of entire families swept away from the face of this earth governed by infamous men, the silence can echo too.
Beings, not humans, I didn’t see anything human there. Only the tears of the people that visited the graveyard or the pictures of those who hung themselves to escape the tortures they knew, because they knew, would have been inflicted to them.


The question spontaneously rises in me: why all of this? The answer still slips away and this not-answer leaves me a bitter taste in my mouth, that sometimes, when I don’t notice, it turns into anger. That anger that makes your tongue itch so much to let you spit out rash and inappropriate words.
I wasn’t, I wasn’t there those days. The days of the massacre. I wasn’t even born. And maybe my resentment sound ridicule, almost hypocritical. But if there isn’t anyone still  resentful, that clasps their fists and cry tears in front of these useless bloodsheds, then there is no purpose in talking about this either, everything is lost.
I don’t want to believe to this eventuality, I want to imagine one thousand resentful faces and one thousand tears that line just as many faces. I want to imagine one thousand people that tell other people about their tears and their resentment to another one thousand people in order to spread resentment but most importantly awareness, for what happened.

For those 8372 who now are no more.

(Those are the pictures I took during my trip to Bosnia in Srebrenica)

Friday, April 7, 2017


A black pack arrived in my mail some days ago, and today I was happy to find another one too. They were my last purchases from the awesome Anastasia.
I’ve published a post about her awesome eye t-shirt here but since then I bought some other stuff that I’ll shortly review in this post.

Firstly the pins.
Each pin was sold separately and packed in a small plastic bag, as shown in picture (this last sentence sounds like my old science book.. anyway..) apart from the eyes pins that are sold as a complete set all together.

Each packaging comes with a little note from the artist which always bring a smile on my awkward face. These last packs had also a really cute picture of Ana portrayed while drawing.
This makes me think of how cool it is to support “small” businesses and artists. They put their heart and energies in every single project they launch and we, the clients, the fans or whatever you prefer being called, buy something that we know for a fact is unique and comes from the artist’s creativity not some big-company-brainstorming.
I feel special every time I wear something uncommon or unseen before, the same applies for other object/print/pin I buy from these artists.

Ok back to the topic.
How have I used those pins? They are now happily making my boring backpack special.


My other recent purchase has been the colouring book.
On the 25th March Ana did a live video of facebook where she showed us the book and actually coloured some pages. It had been a while since I wanted to but one and again that was the perfect occasion, so I did. I can’t wait to mess up all those intriguing lines and drawings, all on recycled paper of course!
The book arrived with a magic pencil (or at least this is how I used to call it when I was a kid) with four colours in it.

As always I’ll leave here all the information to follow Ana on the big web.

note: the candles where NOT included in the packaging... just to make things clear.

Monday, April 3, 2017


Do I need to wait till Thanksgiving to start enumerating the things I’m thankful for? Which, by the way, it’s not even a thing that we are used to do in Italy. I mean Thanksgiving day, not actually being thankful.
Again I went off the tangent.

My point for today’s purposeless blog post takes inspiration from something really weird (but extremely interesting) that happened to me some days ago.
I don’t remember why I was looking at some art pictures on the web but I suddenly felt this warm, calming and relaxing feeling inside my heart (or my brain maybe, it depends on how romantic you are).
I was finding comfort only by looking at those pictures, from my phone screen. The weird-factor in all this story is that I was aware of that extreme calm that was growing within myself. It felt like if I was detached from myself for just the necessary amount of time to be aware of my happiness.

Most of the times we are so eager to “enjoy the moment” that we actually forget about the moment itself. While I was, instead, being a part of that moment. This may sound weird but to me that moment was precious.
This feeling occurs also when I look at some old pictures or when I take a walk and look at the sky. The awareness of being such a small point in this beautiful beautiful world makes me happy.

Before I get too cheesy I’d like to take a moment to let you know that you are probably doing well in the game of life because if you are reading this it means that you are alive and that’s a big achievement itself nowadays.

Ok, old aunt Ila says goodbye to you, fellow human.
Go out and spread the weirdness among other humans.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Recently I came back from a really demanding school trip. We have been to Bosnia for six days.
We have visited many places where war developed between 1992 and 1995. I’m talking about the genocide that happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina in during those 4 years.

I don’t think I’m ready to ensemble all the emotions and put them in a logical way to make sense yet. In other situations I’d let the photographs do the unpleasant duty of telling the story I’ve been living during those intense six days but, unluckily, I didn’t bring my camera with me (due to a lack of physical space in my luggage /backpack). This is exactly why I’m a little bit sad, but I comfort myself believing that one day I’ll get back there to take amazing pictures.

I wouldn’t like to focus on this particular trip but on all those we do and will do during our lives.
Being a person who hates routine, the best possibility ever is travelling, changing place and moving. Travelling gives a sense of freedom and power in a certain way, peerless. Besides it’s a great way to grow and learn new things and I, being a person who hates conventional learning methods too, ergo the school system, think that travelling and learning directly on the spot is amazing.

I’ve been a little bit everywhere but actually nowhere. There’s still so much more to see and I hate the idea of being forced here to finish school but mostly I don’t have much money to travel as much as I’d like either.

I believe that a travel is made even richer depending on who you are accompanied by. Without a doubt those people have a strong impact on your mindset and mood during the trip. I haven’t travelled completely alone yet, but neither with a small group of close friends without “adults” to supervise.

Wait, now I’m eighteen, I am the adult! By date of birth of course, but mentally I hope to always stay curious as only young humans can be.