Saturday, June 16, 2018

Anti-Flag concert - Bologna June 8th 2018

Last Friday, June 8th, started with me waking up with the biggest smile on my face. Which is quite a rare phenomenon to witness. Let’s fast forward to 5.15 pm when I took my car and went to pick up my best friend cause nobody cares about me losing my shit all day long, jumping around the house like an idiot cause “I’ll finally hear Anti-Flag live tonight”.
So, we got to Bologna at something-past-6 pm and we sat next to two people who told us they were waiting for Justin to arrive.
So we waited but me, being the pale ass I am, moved to the actual gate that had “Tickets” written on it to get to the nearest shadow to protect from the sun and I saw somebody who looked like Pat walking behind the gats, at the venue doors. Turns out that person WAS indeed Pat.
I didn’t want to scream at him cause first of all it is rude, and also because I know that musicians don’t like fans getting in their way before live shows, but apparently this pre-show repeal to fans does not apply to the guys in Anti-Flag cause Pat came out and talked to us!

I couldn’t believe it, I mean, people who have met the guys in the band say they are nice to their fans, but I never imagined that the drummer would come out of the gates saying “Hello guys! I’m Pat, nice to meet you” giving us his hand. I don’t want to sound like a fanatic but Anti-Flag’s music has helped me through the most weird and difficult time in my life.
Pat asked us if we  had a band and when we said no he said “Why not?? You should start one”. I told I had one but we split up. Anyways, we talked to Pat, I told him I listen to their podcast every Friday night and that it airs at 2 am in Italy so I stay awake past 2 am and he said “Really?” to which I replied “Yeah, I need to listen to your fucking podcast every week!” Then he noticed I DIYed my t-shirt (it was my “BULLETS CAN’T SILENCE IDEAS” tee) and he said it was cool. Then we took pictures with him and asked him to autograph out concert tickets.

Then Pat left and we sat on the sidewalk of the venue for another 30 minutes or so. Until a taxi approached and Justin came out of it, walking directly towards us, completely ignoring the actual entrance to the venue and said “Hi guys! I’m Justin, how are you all doing? What are your names?” so we shook hands and started talking. Then I asked him “Is it weird if we ask you to sign our tickets before the show?” and he said “Absolutely not. I think I have a sharpie somewhere”. So he took out his sharpie and signed our tickets. I told him we already met Pat. Then he asked if we were having a good time and where we came from. We talked for a while and then he left saying “See you later then !”.

Wait. Did I just talk to half Anti-Flag? Did I just introduce myself to two of the coolest, more down to earth and kind people on the entire planet? It was so surreal cause they are just human beings (plot twist), really talented and cool humans, but human beings. And sometimes fans forget it, not that we shouldn’t give them all the love and support as fans should but they made us feel like we were just like them not a bunch of random losers on a damn sidewalk in the middle of nowhere. You can imagine how fucking great I was feeling at that moment.

We waited till 8.30 pm outside, we waited for our friends to come . Then they opened the gates and let us in. My best friend and I were the first to get in so we got a place near the barricade, which turned out to be a good decision to enjoy and yell with the band (my knees would probably say otherwise). The place is really cool. I had never been there. It’s small enough to happily sweat all together and get a heart-to-heart experience with the bands.

my knees after the concert
front row

I saw Chris Head walking on stage and then Justin, who waved at us saying “Hi”. Then Chris #2 came out and some people followed him to take a picture. I didn’t for the same reason I did not yell at Pat: I didn’t want to bother him. I also knew that they would have come out after the show so I let him do his own things before the show cause I don’t want to be that annoying fan that bothers bands before shows when MAYBE they are nervous or just want to be on their own. Also cause I know that they are nice people and would never say “No, go away” to a fan. Man, I overthink things too much apparently. And Chris, I still didn’t get a picture with you man! Next time, next time.

Anyways. Around 9.45 pm Second Youth started playing. Those guys are fucking crazy, I loved their set. And I enjoyed even more the  fact that the singer never fell off stage despite him moving around like a mad man (which I loved to be honest).
Around 10.45 Anti-Flag took the stage and fucking destroyed it.
It was fucking awesome. I've never had so much fun at a gig. I screamed every song and head-banged so hard. I really had a blast. And I was impressed that nobody was hurt despite Chris#2 throwing mic-stands all over the place.
I don't really know what else to say. The guys were awesome.
I found the complete set list here.

At the end of the show Pat and #2 took their instruments in the middle of the crowd and played with us all around them. Then the concert was over and the only thing I know is that Pat was giving me the best hug ever.

I spoke to Justin again, and I thanked him for the words they added on the video of "Brandenburg Gate" (with which they closed the show) because those are the things I've always thought my entire life, that socialism is not what happened in Russia. I also told him I know it must be hard to define themselves as socialist-leftist in the US and that in Italy it is slightly more accepted because (some of) our grandparents fought fascism back then. I don't know why but then I told him that my grandpa fought against Mussolini and my other grandpa was kidnapped by nazists during WWII and he just stood there, looking at me, listening to me despite all the other people around us and then just said "Wow that's unbelievable" and hugged me.
Lots of hugs with the guys from Anti-Flag that night!
They are the people I'd like to be surrounded by every day cause in just ONE SHOW they made me feel less alone in this fight against sexism/fascism/homophobia/transphobia and bigotry in general.

Do you want to hear another cool thing? The merch they were selling was AFFORDABLE, it had never happened to me to any other concert! I bought the tour t-shirt, a patch and a CD.

If you can, PLEASE go see them live, say hi to them and have a good time destroying fascim and supporting your punk scene.

PS A cool moment was when Justin said "Sorry guys, I'll be back in a minute" and disappeared behind some curtains that where dividing us from backstage. A security guy who worked there said "Come on guys! Let's go now!" And we said "He said he's coming back" and Security-guy "He is not coming back, they never do" but while he was saying that Justin came back! Screw you man, he is not like "everybody else".

I was fucking happy

PPS I did not take any picture during the show. "Wait, why? How are you gonna remember it all? Oh shit and what are you going to post on instagram???"
I was enjoying the show with my whole heart, that's pretty awesome, even without any digital proof of it.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Support a Punk - blog

Hi punx!
I don’t know about you but I am constantly struggling, as a young “artist”, to support myself financially. Since I want to share my art with like-minded people (cause I am sick and tired of people who don’t understand what I am talking about), I created this blog to promote other artists/bands/activists and give them a platform to talk freely.

I’ll try to keep this as organized as possible, tagging everything in order to help people find stuff they might be interested in.
I ‘ll try to promote punk activities/businesses.
I’ll be categorizing all the stuff in:
+ adding the place

You can send stuff in like a link to your website/online shop or submit flyers of events/live gigs you are promoting.
Add also the city/state you are or the event is taking place so people can just search for their country and see if there are cool things happening.

No hate/racism/transphobia/nazi/fascist/islamophobia/sexism/homophobia

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Diary of a freak – BEING UNKOOL

So, as I’ve proven many times I am total shit at keeping up with any sort of diary about my shitty life. Probably because it’s shitty. Or because I am lazy or because I just FORGET.

But anyways. I’ve done a lot of thinking recently and I’ve understood (here we go with another liiiist) :
– I don’t want approval from my parents for what I do/think/am. I am sick of feeling bad for being myself
– I most definitely have got t find a job. But I am not qualified for even carrying the groceries for old people so I’m kinda screwed. I must sell art. any art. ok I’ve got it: I’ll start robbing galleries and sell their art. or I could more easily sell my own art. cool.
– working just for art school projects is limiting my self-expression. I hate having to think in a box to fill some professor’s requirements of “a good artist”. I even cringe every time I say “artist” cause it means everything and nothing.

I think that’s it for now.
I am thinking of just dropping everything and move somewhere else. I feel 16 again, that time I tried to leave my house but as soon as I got to the train station my dad called me saying dinner was ready and I already answered the call and didn’t have the balls to leave. I am 19 now, I still haven’t grown balls (even cause in school they taught me I cannot NATURALLY grow them) but I have * slightly* more self-esteem aka fuck you all.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

diy shorts

I was almost and I say ALMOST giving these shorts away because they are old.
But since they still fit me and I don't really wanna buy a new pair, I messed them up a bit.
They are not finished yet but they are at a DIY-point (yes I made that word up) where they are wearable. I don't know if this happens to you too, but, even if your DIY-ed clothes are not finished yet you still feel they are good enought to ... oh damn, this is stupid. Alright.

The Rejected - Suburbia know the song ... ;)

V for Vendetta or Very Big Butt

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Yesterday two friends of mine and I went to Rimini by car to see an art show featuring one of my friend’s artworks.


the coolest rat.
he jumped everywhere
We met at the bus stop around 4.45 pm to get the 5 pm bus but then we remembered that on Saturdays the bus only arrives at 5.30 so we got back to the supermarket right above the bus station and we got some beer (and yes, they asked me an ID cause I look 16, damn face). It was strangely a hot day so cold beers where the obvious choice.
We waited for the bus and got to my friend’s house, after I played with her 2 rats and we all peed (damn beer), we got into the car and drove to Rimini. We got there around 7 pm and saw the art show.

The entire art show was based on the spectator’s experience with each artwork. We had to walk in the room and choose an artwork, for each one there was something to sit on, like a chair, stool or sofa, and you had to open a box with 3 or 4 suggestions, you had to read them and think about those and write on a piece of paper your ideas/reflections. The other attendants who saw the artwork before you had written something before on that same piece of paper and you could read that too.

This experience made me think a lot about myself because I felt quite uncomfortable for the most part of the time I spent there and I think it is because:
–I don’t like big empty spaces. I like chaos, I like talking, I like a little bit of noise in the background;
–entirely white walls make me uncomfortable (the same way a white piece of papers scares me) all the entire exhibition space was white, interrupted just by the artworks;
–one suggestion on a piece of paper in front of a painting of a foot on the grass said “Walk around this space bare foot” and I don’t like walking without socks.
So this experience, despite  my feeling of discomfort  gave me  some good topics to think about in order to understand myself better.

cops car numero 1
cops car numero 2

After the art show/performance we went to Sant’Arcangelo, a city nearby, and we spent the evening there.
I took a couple of selfies with some cops who were decorating the background of every single square in town, we ate pizza, I saw a Sum41 flyer and cried a bit, then we went to a viewpoint which is not actually  a viewpoint but we could see the city and there were benches… that makes it a viewpoint for me. We sat there talking and we talked about a lot of cool things, careers, life choices etc. (we all are from the same art school, so we mostly talked about art and what we think about the school and future plans as “artists”).
After this heart to heart moment we went in the main square to watch this really cool weird band. No wait we actually got something to drink before that. Yeah.

sum41 and I
my friend stopped to pet this snail

At 11 pm we headed back to the car and proceeded to get back home. We put on the radio and there is this cool radio station (probably the only one in Italy) where they put rock and punk music so we listened to some songs and singed along. I had this weird thing that happens to me when it’s dark outside and I am supposed to calm down and go to bed but I just get all pumped and excited and I am full of life. I can’t contain it. This happens to me a lot right before going to bed (which also explains my major sleeping issues).


Anyway, we got back home at 1 am all safe and sound.
It was a fantastic day. I want to have more adventures and take more trips this summer (if I’ll be able to afford it).

PS I started making videos again. I have reached a point in my life where I don’t care if people think I am stupid walking around town with a camera in my hand. I am not a vlogger (which is a funny word to me) I just like to capture some cool moments in my weird life.

That’s all for now.
I am currently working on some art pieces so check my shop to see when I sell them.
Thanks for having read through all of it.

Yo bye.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

creative block

Do you know what it means?
It means not being able to put the crap you have in your head on paper. It means you are gonna drown in your own crap.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018