Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Burn 'em down - illustration

Out of desperation you've got to take action.
How come many italian kids claim to be fascists? Who gives them the idea that being fascists is a good thing? Why on earth, after World War II, in ITALY, some 16 year old would claim to be a fascist?
This is happening now, in 2018 and I am scared of the impact modern society has on young minds.

Democrazy - illustration

More often than not, those in charge of defending democracy are also those who manipulate it to personally and exclusively benefit from it.
Be aware of the propaganda and read between the lines. Don't buy everything they say, be informed and be skeptical.

Don't fuck up another generation - illustration

I am not saying that the right-wing politicians are the ONLY problem in Italy, but they sure are a HUGE pain in the ass for progress, social justice and equal laws for all people.
Dear Salvini and Berlusconi since the majority in Italy has voted for you (I still can't get my head around that) ...I am already screwed... but please don't fuck up another generation.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Since I moved to this city to study Printmaking in Art School I’ve been listening to a lot of punk music, more than I used to. Through the years I lost my connection to the punk world that initially got me closer to this “underground” subculture of beautiful non-conforming people: the rockers, metalheads and in general all the “alternative” subculture of music that since I was 14 helped me become who I am today.
My second encounter with punk music couldn’t have happened in a better moment than last year in October, before I turned 19, when I had finally developed a concrete sense of the person I am and of what I believe in, shortly before I left home to attend University. I have re-discovered the ethics of the punk movement to which I have always been close to. To sum them up briefly: equality, social justice and caring about more than just ourselves. And I can’t find a better community to relate to.

Thus said none of this re-discovery process could have happened if I didn’t find out about Anti-Flag. I am so sorry that I haven’t discovered this band 4 years ago, when I started to understand that what society was telling me to do and to think wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do and think. As a young teenager, having different opinions than those of your peers and of your parents was a huge struggle. I probably wouldn’t have suffered loneliness so much because I could have had inspiring people to always remind me that it’s ok to be different, it’s ok to fight for what you believe in, it’s ok to be a feminist, it’s ok to be a vegetarian, it’s ok to believe in democracy and social justice. I could have accepted my political beliefs years ago and I probably wouldn’t have fought so much with my parents to let them accept the person I was becoming (and I am now). I could have also started to channel all the anger and frustration that I was feeling during high school into artworks years ago too. But I don’t care about what I could have done.
What I do care about is that these four punks from Pittsburgh have been my blessing, especially during these past months when I couldn’t understand what I really wanted to do with my life and what I wanted to get out of this experience in art school. Because it turns out that I am considered a fucking weirdo in art school too! And the cycle of being considered a freak has started again. I am not one of those artists who want to paint pretty pictures or sunny landscapes. Nothing against it, but I feel like my art needs to have a meaning and a potential to challenge people’s opinions on social matters. And listening to Anti-Flag has helped me to understand that I want to be an activist in the art world.

They are so damn inspirational because they LIVE  what they sing during their concerts. They believe in what they do and they embrace their ideals every day, no matter how people could react to that. Whether it’s protesting in the streets, being a feminist or being vegan. The punk community that they have helped to build throughout these past 20 years is amazing.
I only wish I had found peace in this community before.

I can’t wait to see them in Italy in June. It will be fucking awesome and I wish I could thank them personally, each one of them, for just being the most honest, respectful and inspirational band I have ever heard.

Monday, March 19, 2018


When I was in high school I have never really been into the “dress like everybody else and blend in” phase.
Didn’t they teach us in kindergarten that we are all unique beings? So why the hell should we all try to look the same as everybody else?
I’ve always been the silent-observer and then, after having examined the situation, the loud-screamer. So here I am, reporting my high school punk career into this blog post.
I am one of those awkward people who piss off other people. Like that time that I went to a cool-kids party (because my mom told me to socialize) and I started asking fashion related questions to the guests. At the time (and I’m afraid still up to these days) there was this trend of rolling up your pants and then twisting them around your ankles and I didn’t (and still don’t) get why people did that. So I did a poll among the guests asking “Why do you do that?” and the trending answer was, and I quote: “I don’t know.. I mean… well… everybody does that”.
To prove my theory of the depersonalization of youth I will now bring up a very strange episode that happened to me in my fourth year of high school. I was enjoying another boring school day when during the break, in the cafeteria, I looked down and I froze at the terrifying scene before my eyes: every single fucking one of the kids was wearing the same Adidas shoes and the same pair of blue jeans rolled up and twisted as the trend requires.
Now, I don’t want to be the grumpy old person who always blame it on “kids nowadays” but it’s quite sad that young people have to pretend to fit into a certain standard to feel comfortable with themselves. And most of all, it’s sad that they feel the need to make fun anybody else who looks different from the majority of the kids making those who do not conform feel like freaks.
I am afraid it’s because of the idea of how young people should look like. We are brainwashed since really young to believe that if we do not follow “the right path” we will never make it.
I want to prove them wrong.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Diary of a freak

Here I am again. At 1 am writing and blabbing about stuff. Not even a little bit tired of studying art, movies, bands, books. I am weird.
I NEED to know as much stuff as I can and DO as many things I can cause I am afraid of losing my limited time on earth and since I am a cynical bastard, limited time on earth is all I’ve got.
I am currently reading around 4 books and studying 3 different films.

What I mean with “studying”: researching actors and other movies they have played in, anecdotes, cut out scenes. Then I sometimes screenshot cool frames, objects, art pieces in the movies. Not to replicate them, just to observe them whenever I want.
I am weird, I know.
With books is the same. Research the author, other books, things inspired by it and things that have inspired the author himself. 

I mean, I am weird, but I don’t know what to do about it. So just deal with me.

Friday, February 2, 2018


Does it really have to make sense?

Why can't I find somebody really interesting and stimulating?
Do we really need to sit watching television? Can we not be brainwashed?

Do we keep on living after we die? I doubt it, but still, who knows?

Will I ever meet some of the people I've been looking up for the past two years?