Monday, June 27, 2016

"The light behind your eyes"

I just wanted to share with you some thoughts.

I had to fight and I still am fighting to find my true self which is, I firmly believe is, somewhere between my brain and my heart.
only the brave ones, the open minded ones can find themselves. other will just wonder through the desolation of the world seen by those who cannot (or don't want) open their eyes.
so don't wait for things to happen and to occasions to hit you, but be the brave one and take your life with both hands. 
look into your life, don't be scared... you WILL be free ... and happy.

song:: "the light behind your eyes"
band:: my Chemical Romance

. ila .

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Sorry for the lack of posts. 
I've been travelling from my hometown to my granparents' house.
It took a lot  because it's a 6 hours car-trip with a lot of sun and sweat. At least we listened to sme good music since I brought with me almost my entire collection of rock cds.

As soon as I'll be back home I'll start working to a new project with one friend of mine.
And I'll be working (in a proper office with computers and shit) too from mid July to mid August. 
The only problem will be dressing like a normal person (or almost) but I'll work on it.

💀other (anti)social media:
-instagram: moshinthemoonlight
-tumblr: moshinthemoonlight

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A N G R Y playlist

Walk, Pantera
People=Shit, Slipknot
Before I Forget, Slipknot
Unholy Confessions, Avenged Sevenfold
Psychosocial, Slipknot
Wait And Bleed, Slipknot
Duality, Slipknot
Riot, Bullet For My Valentine
The Beautiful People, Marilyn Manson
Smell Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana
Pulse Of The Maggots, Slipknot
All My Life, Foo Fighters
The Pretender, Foo Fighters
Holiday, Green Day
Na na na, My Chemical Romance

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

S A D Playlist

XIX, Slipknot
Behind Blue Eyes, Limp Bizkit
Snuff, Slipknot
I Hate Everything About You, Three Days Grace
Rescue Me, Coldrain
The Unforgiven I, Metallica
The Diary Of Jane, Breaking Benjamin
Orion, Metallica 
Breath, Breaking Benjamin
Thanks For The Memories, Fall Out Boys
Time Is Running Out, Muse
Dear God, Avenged Sevenfold
Vermilion pt.2, Slipknot
Tears Don’t Fall, Bullet For My Valentine
In The End, Linkin Park
All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me), Bullet For My Valentine
What I’ve Done, Linkin Park
Don’t Look Back In Anger, Oasis
Renegades, X Ambassadors
Dream On, Aerosmith
Best Of You, Foo Fighters
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Green Day
Wake Me Up When September Ends, Green Day

Alternative Summer

And another Summer has arrived.
For a lot of people this means lot of fun and a pretty sun-tan.
To me it just means suffering under the sun and getting sun-burnt. My skin it’s too pale and my wardrobe too dark for summer.
But lately I’ve been trying to find some ways to avoid getting burnt or getting mad every time I have to get out of my house.

Here are three ways to survive to summer keeping our style.

💀 Cut everything that can be cut. You just need some clothes and scissors. Oh, also some creativity. For those who have really few ideas, I’ll make it easier, here are some:

1] band t-shirts:
Take some band t-shirts and just cut the sleeves. Can you feel your armpits breathing? Nice feeling huh?

2] long pants:
We all have that pair of pants/jeans we don’t really like but that we keep, saying we’ll wear them next winter. Yep, those, if you haven’t burnt them already you can easily cut them and turn them into shorts.
Watch out the pockets!! They may be too long  (those pants weren’t made like shorts, duh) , before you cut them and go around with pockets in which STRANGELY everything disappears when put inside of them, just turn them inside-out while you cut the legs, so you won’t brutally scratch them .

3] cut what can’t be cut too:
Surviving first! So get crazy on those t-shirts and rip them as much as you want.
Here are some examples :

//  skull cut  //  wings cut

4] fishnets:
If you don’t want to lose your gothic style during summer (which is good !) then make a gothic-intelligent decision. Instead of wearing crazy printed tights just rip them.
Too brutal? Again it’s all about surviving.
For those of you who don’t want to rip off their beloved tights, even if it’s funnier to destroy them yourself, you can buy them already tipped off.
For the more creative ones, here are some videos:

💀 Modify everything. Now that you’ve cut everything you may have lost some of your alternative spirit. That’s ok because during winter you can wear different layers of clothes and create something unique, but it’s possible also during Summer.

1] garters:
They are sexy but above all really decorative.
I’ve made one some weeks ago.
If you wanna be less satanic, here is another tutorial.

But thanks to the internet you can find some of them pre-made.
Well, I’m a pro-DIY person but it’s your life (and your money).

2] studs:
Since I’m a fan of studs I could suggest you to put them everywhere (I’ve seen some weird studded panties too).
Here are some examples:

💀 Crazy hairstyles. Summer is the best moment to experiment. Ok, I have to admit I’m not a really good helper on this point since I brush my hair more or less once a week but I’ve found some interesting things to do.

1] dye:
They can be semi-permanent or permanent. Natural (henna) or not.

Just be sure to take care of your hair in order to avoid damaging them.

2] dreadlocks / braids:
You can go full head  or not.
Don’t worry if you have short hair, you can use extensions to get the look.

Ok, I’m done for now.
Those are just some tips for those who struggle a lot like me during summer.

Let’s try to survive and have fun, maybe in the moonlight instead of the sunlight.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Introduction (to destruction)

Hi! My name is Ilaria and this is my blog.
That last fact was probably obvious, but I wanna make everything clear.

Anyway I’m going to write a few things about myself:

💀 I’m a band trash. I love music with every fiber of my body. I play the guitar.
I listen mainly to metal/alternative music (it’s impossible to name all the subgenres, damn!).

💀 I’m 17 and from Italy, but I’m not the average Italian (if there’s one). All the stereotypes you are figuring in your mind right now… well, delate them.

💀 I love horror/splatter/thriller films.

💀 I’m what can be considered an “alternative girl”. No, not fancy scene hair, but weird clothes, a lot of band t-shirts and a weird and open mindset (that pisses people off most of the time).

💀 I’d like to end this presentation saying that I love art, any kind of art from paintings to tattoos.
I’d like to define myself as an artist but I’ll be too pretentious. Let’s say I really enjoy being creative.

What I’ll be posting:
- Art
- DIYs
- Horror / books review
- Music
- Any shit will pass (even just for a second) in my crazy mind.

Alright. I’m done for now.
Feel free to comment but don’t be stupid, please. That is one of my pet peeve. NEW FACT ABOUT ME.


P.S.: for those who are wondering: yes, the title is a song by Sum41. I’ve warned you: I’m a band trash.